Funny Parrot Stops Alexa Every Time Frank Sinatra Plays


This African Grey parrot stops Alexa every time she starts to play Frank Sinatra. Mr. Magoo has some very strong opinions about the music that is played in the household and he’s not afraid to ‘voice’ them.

When most people think of a pet, images of dogs or cats come to mind. But birds are such an underrated companion. But these amazing creatures can truly be a gift from God.

They can provide friendship, love and lots and lots of laughter. Birds have a knack for picking up sounds such as a song on the radio or a person talking. Some species, like an African Grey parrot, can even repeat words and phrases.

Mr. Magoo has definitely picked up a vocabulary in his household and he’s not shy either. Just watch the hilarious moment when his human asks their smart device, Alexa, to play some music.

When Frank Sinatra’s classic hit ‘New York, New York’ starts up, Mr. Magoo immediately notices. Then, he yells ‘Alexa, stop!’ to the device.

Mr. Magoo’s owner wants to continue listening to the song, so she starts it back up. That’s when this opinionated parrot stops Frank Sinatra for a second time. For some reason, he does not want to hear this classic crooner or the smooth lyrics.

I’ve never seen a bird do anything like this, but I’m laughing out loud watching this stubborn parrot right now. I guess his owner better find a new genre of music to listen to. What do you think?