Massage These Stress Points To Immediately Relax A Crying Or Fussy Baby


There is something about a massage that is not only comfortable, it is also therapeutic. In fact, there are even some natural healing techniques that revolve around massage, and one type is known as reflexology. If you understand the basics behind it, you realize just how beneficial it can be. Accessing those reflex points on the hands and feet can help to stimulate muscles, organs and various systems throughout the body.

One popular site that discusses reflexology talks about how beneficial it can be for babies. This is normally something that can be done in a clinical setting, it is something that many mothers do naturally when their babies are fussy or crying. It seems as if they begin rubbing the feet of the baby when they are having a difficult time to calm the baby down quickly. Understanding more specifics about reflexology can help to soothe the baby that is experiencing many different health problems, including headaches and a tummy ache.

In order to understand more about how to use this in your own life, you need to understand the reflexology points on the baby’s foot. Once you have those figured out, you can calm the baby down quickly, even when they are experiencing pain. The following are some of the stress points found on the baby’s foot and how you can soothe them.

1. Sinus pain – The inflammation that causes sinus pain can be uncomfortable for anyone. Imagine being a baby and not understanding why you have the problem. It may be possible to treat this problem by gently massaging the soles of the baby’s feet. Applying some light pressure to the soles, especially right under the small toe will go a long way in helping them to feel better.

2. Teething – This can be a serious problem for babies that leads to pain and many other symptoms. If you have ever had a toothache, you realize how much of a problem it can be. To relieve this pain, gently rub the tips of the babies toes. It will help them to relax and will take some of the pain away.

3. Tummy ache – When your baby is experiencing stomach pain, it can be a helpless feeling for the parent. Reflexology can provide the answer you need. Massage in the center of the babies toes in a circular motion. The central toe is attached to the solar plexus that includes the bundle of nerves between the lungs and the stomach.

4. Congestion – If a baby is experiencing a problem with congestion, a little reflexology can help. Chest congestion may be relieved by massaging the sole of the foot under the arch. Gently massage in a circular motion but be careful you don’t press too hard and injure the child’s foot.

5. Pelvic pain – This is a relatively common type of pain that babies experience. If hip or pelvic pain is a problem, some gentle massage in the heel of the foot will also help to relieve it. It may also help with other problems, including constipation.

6. Abdominal pain – Any type of abdominal pain is going to be very uncomfortable. It can include infections, intussusception, and colic. This pain may be relieved by massaging between the middle of the foot and the sole of the foot. You also need to consider the specific area of the abdomen where the pain is being experienced. If bloating is a problem, massaging between the heel and the middle of the foot may help.
If your baby is experiencing some serious pain, you may want to do reflexology to help but you should not avoid going to the doctor. Reflexology can help with some minor pain and other issues but never neglect the healthcare of the child.