Grandma Starts Dancing ‘Macarena’ In The Middle Of A Hospice Cafeteria And Turns Everything Into A Surprise Flash Mob Dance Party


Not every elderly man or woman is resigned to a wheelchair or walker. Many elderly ladies and gentlemen can actually get up and dance with the best of them! That was the case when Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services organized a special celebration in September of 2016.

The celebration was put together in order to honor what they called “Positive Aging Week.” What happened at the cafeteria that day was nothing short of spectacular!

Ten medical professionals and 24 of the patients participated in the event that has since been viewed over one million times on Youtube.

The cafeteria of the facility was filled with people that day, just like every other day before that. Everyone was eating and milling about. Then, an elderly woman and a nurse suddenly began to dance. As everyone looked on curiously, more men and women began to get up and join them.

Soon, dozens of patients and staff were dancing to the “Macarena.”

The elderly patients had been practicing for a month with nurses to prepare themselves for this flash mob moment. We can tell that their hard work has paid off!

There are many benefits to regular exercises, even for the elderly. As their muscles become stronger, the elderly are less likely to suffer a broken bone or a fall. Daily activities also become much easier. Dancing is an activity that is also fun and enjoyable and helps seniors socialize and stay active.

All in all, dancing is a wonderful activity for a variety of reasons.

The men and women of OLH were given a sense of community as they practiced for this flash mob. We are so happy that they still have the drive and energy to pull it off.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Are you ready to watch the video and see for yourself just how active seniors can still be?

Check it out below:

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