Dancers From Texas School Amaze Audience With Talent.


Dancers From Texas School Amaze Audience With Talent

If you’re not a dancer, you’ll know that watching dance can sometimes be mesmerizing. How do they do it?

As a kid, I’d be amazed every time a dance troupe performed. I myself couldn’t even begin to imagine hitting the floor myself, yet watching others perform was fixating.

It’s probably the reason I was blown away by this specific dance filmed at Carroll High, Texas.

The troupe, who call themselves the Emerald Belles, wore matching suits which were outshone only by their flawless synchrony.

The Belles’ choreography is captivating, not simply because they’re strong, talented, and flexible, but also because they perform so beautifully together.

Stop and think about how each and every performer must keep in step with everybody else, then add in the fact that even one single mistake could be seen by the crowd. Only then can you really start to comprehend how talented they really are.

Performing to a Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” mashup, this showstopper is truly incredible. I loved every moment of this short 3.5-minute dance.

Maintaining rhythm is tough enough, and add synchronicity on top of that. And even more impressive is how the team manage to pull it off with so many dancers!

I for one stopped short when I first came across this video. Look at the footage below and tell us what you reckon.

 Isn’t this dance totally captivating right from beginning to end?