Cat And Dog Savior Creates Snuggly Animal Beds From Used Tires, A Real Hero!


“See How Animal Savior Turns Trash Into Cozy Animal Beds!”

“What used to be trash now becomes something very useful for animals.”

This is what motivates 23-year-old Brazilian Amarildo Silva Filho. Formerly a poor artist, Amarildo used to get by with a grocery job. However, he didn’t feel as though he was doing what he was meant to do.

Which was do good for the world, and help poor animals.
Amarildo lives in a Brazilian town that’s full of what others see as junk. But what he sees instead, is potential. These thrown-away objects are something with which to create.
In the road, Amarildo came one day across a pile of tires. As he’s long had a talent for transforming recyclable goods into new things, he was driven to see what he could do with them. With his talents, he thought he could upcycle a tire to create a bed—the perfect place for one of Brazil’s numerous street animals.
It started out as just an experiment, then quickly developed into a genuine mission. Within only a couple of years, he’s turned more than six thousand old tires into snuggly, toasty beds for street animals.

Transforming a tire into a bed takes roughly forty minutes. Amarildo uses this time to clean and cut them, before customizing every bed using unique patterns and colors. Then, he adds the cat or dog’s name to the bed, for a personal touch. When h needs new materials, Amarildo either gets old tires from where they’re dumped, streetside, or purchases bulk amounts of them. Sometimes, he’s given tires by others.

His gorgeous dog and cat beds are rapidly growing even more in popularity—Amarildo’s now getting orders nation-wide! His hopes are to grow this company as he hasn’t got anyone right now to lend him a hand.
Head to Amarildo’s Facebook page to buy his amazing beds!