Girl, 9, suddenly gets a panic attack on flight – mom spots flight attendant handing daughter ”special drink”

Many people have a common fear of flying and suffer panic attacks as a result. Often it’s just harmless nerves however the fear can manifest itself physically.

There are of course certain medications you can take if you are an adult but it’s difficult to know what to do if a child experiences a panic attack mid air.

When Erika Jeorgean Swart boarded a plane with her three children, she was totally unprepared by her 9-year-old daughter’s reaction after they took off into the air. Gabby started to become very anxious about the trip from Orlando to Newark, which confused mom. She had flown before as a little girl, so Erika was quite surprised when her daughter suddenly developed a fear of flying!

The concerned mom sat with two of her children next to her and her oldest Gabby was sitting across the aisle.

Since there was a lot of turbulence during the flight, Gabby was having a difficulty relaxing and mom could see the fear and panic in her eyes. Gabby, who is a Type-1 diabetic, was trying her best to remain calm, but it clearly wasn’t working. Unfortunately, it was starting to make her blood sugar levels crash.

Erika’s husband wasn’t with her on this trip, and she had her hands full trying to make sure all three of her children behaved themselves. As she held her daughter’s hand across the aisle, feeling helpless, but then a flight attendant named Garrett appeared out of nowhere and handed Gabby a “special drink” to keep her quiet.