Family Gathers To Sing Karaoke Of “Les Miserables”


The reason why I love the holidays, and special occasions so much is that there are bound to be family get-togethers during which I get to spend some quality time with everyone I grew up with. A Christmas dinner at my parents’ place is going to bring me together with my siblings, brother-in-law and niece and nephews; a birthday party at my aunt’s house will have all my cousins attending, too! These are those moments that you can relive your childhood.

The video below shows how one family also comes together on special occasions — this time around the LeBaron family is celebrating Easter, and boy do they know how to have some fun.

Everyone loves karaoke during a gathering, but I think these guys took it to a whole new, and impressive, level! The family is collected in the living room, parents, kids, toddlers and all. They seem to be playing the lyrics of the song on the TV. Then, the man in the blue starts to belt out a fan favorite, “One Day More” from the ever-so-famous, “Les Miserables.”

The rest of the family members are ready to chime in, and they blow the song out of the water one voice at a time. Listening to the LeBaron family gave me goosebumps — it sounds like they’re the voices behind the actual song!

The pitch and style they sing in is so impressive and not easy to match.

Have you done something like this with your family? If so, share how your musical project turned out in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!