Father Changes Lyrics of “Jingle Bells” For Infant Daughter, Her Response Is Lighting Up Internet


It’s true that many folks feel extremely happy, loving, generous and forgiving during the festive season—with all of the tasty food, cheerful decorations, and the coming together of family and friends, it’s easy to see why.

But for the Feldman family, they completely took Christmas up a notch by preparing one of the most adorable Christmas videos for their daughter, Summer. Now, we know Christmas has (unfortunately) passed, but there’s nothing like an excellent video to still spread some cheer.

The video shows little Summer, a four-month-old baby girl, dressed to the nines in her Christmas attire, and her dad singing a favorite Christmas tune for her. But, it’s not just any tune he busts out, oh no! On this particular occasion, Summer’s dad changed the lyrics of the famous carol, “Jingle Bells”…and it’s too cute for words.

The clip starts by her father asking, “Do you want to hear a song?” and of course, Summer’s face simply lights up the moment that his cheerful singing begins. But why is this version of “Jingle Bells” so great? Well, not only has the talented singer changed the melody slightly, but he’s also changed the lyrics in such a way that it teaches Summer about the true meaning of Christmas. In this way, their baby girl can enjoy the festive season, while knowing the story behind the holiday.

Throughout the course of the song, you’ll see Summer’s mom too, holding her daughter tightly, dancing, and smiling ever so sweetly. It’s safe to say that this family is winning at the whole ‘parenting’ thing and just made us wish Christmas was still on its way!