At the age of 92, the Gerber Baby Model Is Still Cuter Than Ever


Even though would be impossible not to recognize the face of the original Gerber baby — who has been practically frozen in time as a famous drawing — we haven’t really seen real lifephotos of her very often. That is, until now.

Just this past Monday, Gerber announced the birthday of the Gerber baby on their Facebook page — and let’s just say, she’s looking absolutely fabulous at 91!

“Happy 91st Birthday to the original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook!” said the caption.

Cook originally became the Gerber baby in 1928. When she was 4 months old, Gerber held a contest to find the official face of their baby food brand, and a woman in Cook’s neighborhood sketched her as a contest entry. Gerber accepted the sketch and trademarked it a few years later.

Since then, there have been some crazy rumors about who the Gerber baby really is. Some have sworn over the years that it was really actor Humphrey Bogart, whose mother was an artist. Actress Jane Seymour was another popular guess. Still, others flat out claimed it was their own child, dragging Gerber into court regularly for years. That was, until the Gerber baby was revealed to be Cook in 1978.

But even after all the attention, Cook never let it go to her head.

“It’s not anything I did myself,” she once told People. “I’m more proud of having earned my master’s degree after 13 years as a housewife, of having worked my way up to chairman of the English department of a large high school, and of my 29-year marriage.” Point taken.

Cook ended up retiring in Tampa, Florida. She’s also a mystery novelist.

Happy Birthday to one truly lovely lady!

Even at the age of 92, you can still see the resemblance between baby Ann and her now. She still has wide eyes and an adorable smile. Ann celebrated her 92 birthday on 20 November 2018.

Ann has also managed to meet some other babies that have been used by Gerber in their branding such as baby Lucas Warren.
Lucas at the age of 1, became the first to represent the Geber brand with Down’s Syndrome. Ann met Lucas and his family in Tampa. He waved and smiled at Ann and his parents were delighted by Ann’s warmth towards their son.