Mom Uses Dollar Store Sink Mats And Shares DIY Trick To Make Laundry Time Quick And Easy


It’s safe to say that most of us leave pretty busy lives. There are nearly too many things to keep up with on a daily basis; we have work, family, pets, and all of the little chores that go into keeping up a house. Even if you’re like me and live in a small space and try to keep your life as simple and as streamlined as possible, there is still an astounding number of chores to keep up with.

I’m always looking for ways to better organize and simplify every aspect of keeping my house and life running smoothly. Also, like almost everyone, I live on a tight budget, so whatever way I can make my life easier and save money is a win-win.

For nearly everyone, laundry is something we simply have to deal with. Ignoring it definitely doesn’t make it go away and the longer you put it off, the more work there will be in the end. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually enjoy doing laundry! What I don’t enjoy is folding and putting it away. All too often I end up choosing the day’s outfit straight from the clean laundry basket.

There are all kinds of tools to help with this, and I’ve seen folding helpers that allow you to fold clothes quickly and perfectly. I’ve never tried them, though, because they seem a little expensive for what they are. However, one mom has shared how to make one using just a few dollar store materials like sink mats and white duct tape. Thie inexpensive ‘laundry folder’ costs only a few bucks, is easy to store, and does the job perfectly!

This mom also has a few other ‘dollar store hacks’ to help you make the best of your inexpensive purchases and organize your life!