The Rocking Chair Every Grandparent Needs


This creative rocking chair might just be the perfect gift for all those grandparents out there. Hal Taylor, a wood craftsmen with over 24 years of experience, loved story time with his kids. After his third child was born, he realized their was no more room to fit the kiddos on his lap and read a story. With a stroke of genius, Hal designed and built the StoryTime Rocking Chair.

I originally thought this was a joke, kind of like an Olan Mills awkward family photo, but as you read about the chair, it’s absolutey remarkable. It has an extremely well built frame and it’s perfectly designed for the perfect multi-kid reading experience.

Unfortunately, these rocking chairs are a tad expensive. It’ll run you around $7,000 for a chair. They’re so expensive because each is handmade for your specific family. They are also very complex with over 260 specific pieces that go into a single chair. But can you put a price on quality time with the kids?

Source/ simplemost