Fans Underestimate Seniors Talent Until Version Of “Unchained Melody” Sweeps Crowd Off Their Feet


When it comes to a classic song no one can resist feeling themselves being swept off their feet upon hearing one. So when René Bishop took the stage to take on the beloved song “Unchained Melody” René was an instant hit for the crowd. Everyone cheered as the man confidently belted out each note with absolute perfection. Now all he had to do was convince the judges that they should turn for him.

Remaining confident throughout the performance, the judges don’t immediately turn for René, but that doesn’t stop him. He still has plenty of the song left to persuade them to turn. What he can’t see is that the expressions on the judges faces show that they love what they are hearing. René has a beautiful tone and pitch throughout the song that is simply impossible to ignore. The judges may be debating whether to turn but they can’t ignore the fact that they are very impressed by what they hear.

As the judges go back and forth with their decision they ultimately all decide to slam the buzzer at the same time, whipping around and admiring René’s undeniable talent. The crowd cheers him on and he is a total hit. Listen to him for yourself in the video below. His voice can transport anyone to a different era.