18 Years After Baby Polar Bear Rescued Emotional Response To Man Who Raised Her Leaves Onlookers In Disbelief


When animal trainer Mark Dumas was asked to find a polar bear to be photographed for an upcoming movie, word quickly got back to him about a female cub in a tough situation. The baby bear named Agee was the eleventh cub born to the polar bear mother, and with so many children to take care of, it quickly became clear to Mark that Agee needed a new home.

While Mark Dumas was used to interacting with animals for films, never did he expect to completely fall in love with this sweet baby girl. The moment their eyes locked, Mark knew that this little bear needed him to survive. He stepped up to the plate and made the difficult decision to hand-raise Agee on his own.

It turned out to be a choice Mark would never regret. It has been 18 years since the trainer adopted Agee, and what cameras captured after nearly two decades has quickly gone viral. As onlookers watched in awe, the polar bear’s emotional reaction to the man who raised her is nothing short of tear-jerking. See the incredible bond between the rescued polar bear and her adoptive human dad in the video below – this is absolutely heart-melting!