5 Nurses Stand Behind A Sheet. Once They Come Out From Behind, They Have Everyone In Stitches.


People of different professions have various reputations. For example, we always think that a lawyer will be argumentative; a teacher is supposed to be kind and nurturing, patient and wise. And, as for police officers, no one wants to mess with them — ever! The list goes on, but how true is it, really?

When we think of a member of the medical health profession, we imagine someone who is very serious about their job, and who strives to keep a professional and somewhat profound demeanour—especially when they have bad news to announce. But, in actuality, those who we consult to take care of us in our time of need are just like you and I. They’ve got families of their own, they have different personalities, and they too like a good laugh.

Which is why these five nurses got together to perform a super hilarious song that has gone completely viral. On YouTube alone, the video has received over 13 million views! Why’s that? Because these five guys surely have a chucklesome sense of humor and they definitely know how to put on a show! They left me surprised!

They’ve dubbed themselves, The Laryngospasms, and the great performance took place at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party in 1990. Wearing their scrubs and holding their microphones, they began singing a parody of Neil Sedaka’s song, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”. Their title? “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”. In it, they sing about the joys of anesthetics and the act of waking up after a procedure.

The song is not only cleverly adapted but the performance that the five guys put on is enough to get anyone laughing! This just goes to show that even the most serious of people can find humor and have a great time! When you’re at your next appointment, crack a joke! They might be pleasantly surprised and join in on the fun!

Watch the viral performance below! If this video has tickled your fancy, or perhaps you’ve got a doctor or nurse friend, share it! It’ll surely bring a smile to anyone’s face as well as a good old-fashioned giggle.