Grumpy Ballerina Has Crowd In Stitches During Dance Performance


What’s the difference between children and adults? Children, more often than not, have no problem in saying and acting in any way that they choose. If they’re happy, sad, angry, moody, excited, etc.—you’ll know about it! And while sometimes this can be quite shocking, and even annoying, the video below shows you a different side.

It’s a video clip showing four adorable four-year-old ballerinas on stage doing their very first performance. They’re wearing the most darling outfits, a green leotard with matching tutus, and it’s impossible not to say “awww” at first glance. But then, the music starts, and we’re left kind of speechless.

You see, three of the girls are excited and ready to show off their best dance moves, but one little girl was simply not having it. And whether it was just a case of stage fright or perhaps a bit of sass, the one little girl on the left stands still, without going along with the practiced routine.

I’ve been to dance recitals and seen kids get stage fright and not go on at all. Maybe they’ll cry in an effort to make to their parents take them away from the stage. But, never have I ever seen a child so mad about being on stage. It makes me laugh so much every single time I watch this clip!

At one point, her friend even lends a helping hand, trying to encourage her to join in, but to no avail!

Regardless of the mishap, the crowd absolutely adored the performance and, judging by their laughter, simply loved the routine as well as the little girl who did not want to participate. Luckily, this performance (and the lack thereof!) was caught on camera, so that this cutie pie can look at it for years to come while having a giggle or two!

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