Little Brother In Tears When Teen’s Difficult Song Choice Leaves Doubting Judges Eating Their Words


Leah Barniville may be just 14 years old, but she has the voice of a seasoned opera sensation. The teen has had a passion for opera all of her life – and when she got the chance to perform on Britain’s Got Talent, she jumped at it. This audition was her big break. She needed to nail every note, smile through her nerves, and give the judges an audition that would propel her into stardom. The judges had no idea about the “Leah Force” headed their way…

Before her audition, a nervous Leah told the camera crew just how much she loves to sing, and how much the competition meant to her, “I can’t stop singing. I sing when I study, when I’m brushing my teeth and when I’m trying to sleep. It means so much to me that today goes well. I want to make my mum, dad and brother proud.” Leah’s family stood in anticipation as she took the stage. Would she be able to sing the song in her heart? Or would the nerves of performing in front of the world be too much for the teen to handle?

Sure enough, Leah knocked her rendition of “Carusa” by Lucio Dalla out of the park – and knocked the socks off of the judges at the same time. Even the notoriously harsh judge Simon Cowell had nothing but praise for the talented teen, “I thought that was honestly incredible and you’re 14 years old. You don’t know how good you are. A billion percent yes.” Unsurprisingly, all four judges passed her through to the next round. Take a peek at her breathtaking audition for yourself in the video below. We can’t wait to see what the future hold for Ms. Leah!