Mom Spots A Furry Creature Inching Near Her Kids Only To Discover The Danger It Can Cause


As thousands of years have ticked by, human beings developed certain instincts that kept them safe from harm and away from the clutches of dangerous creatures, like the one Leslie Howe encountered while in a local park with her family. Fortunately, Leslie followed her instincts when she ran into a strange looking creature at Gwinnett County park with her baby and two other little children. The group was enjoying their day in the sun when Leslie spotted an extremely furry looking creature inching her way. Even though it seemed harmless, she decided to stay away. It wasn’t until later Leslie learned about the danger the cute caterpillar carried underneath its furry outer layers. Her keen instincts kept she and the kids safe from its horrible stings and side effects. Now she’s spreading the word in hopes that her story can help save others…

The bug Leslie and the kids came across is commonly called a Puss Caterpillar, named for its thick cat-like fur resembling your household kitty! But, unlike your cuddly cat, this caterpillar is loaded to the brim with painful venom. A single touch, and you’ll experience the same type of scream-inducing sting that you’d feel with a wasp or jellyfish. The venom gives a notorious throbbing sensation that can also lead to sweating, nausea, and possible professional medical help.

To make things worse, Puss Caterpillars typically hide way up in treetops but have started to travel down towards the ground in recent years. Learn more about these fuzzy, frightening critters in the video below. It’s essential that parents are informed enough to make sure their children stay far away from these caterpillars.