Workman Sits At A Piano, But No One Anticipates Him To Have This Much Talent


Train stations all over the world seem to have one thing in common – starving musicians. These days, they’re called buskers, but that’s just a fancy way of saying that they will work for pocket change. While food, drinks, and compliments are always welcome, these folks are mostly hoping that their raw talent is deserving of financial gratuity. Yet, sometimes you might find that rare gem that has no ulterior motive when they play – they just want to bring a smile to people’s faces. One workman in England even spent his precious lunch break doing just that!

Starving musicians carry their precious instrument with them everywhere. It’s their lifeline! Sadly, if you’re a pianist, then you’re pretty much out of luck. Unless of course, you live in London! The St. Pancras train station actually has a public piano, so anyone who thinks of themselves as the next Beethoven can dazzle the crowd with their keyboard prowess. When a burly traffic marshal in an orange jumpsuit and hardhat plopped down on the piano bench, the sight was enough to draw curious glances, but no one was about to confuse him with a classical pianist.

However, it didn’t take long before the man unleashed his real magic onto unsuspecting commuters! The crowded train station suddenly heard a music fill the area, causing multiple people to stop. All they saw was the man’s hands flying across the keyboard in a flurry of fingers and boogie-woogie wonder! Wow! I can’t believe what I just saw. You can never underestimate a person’s talents. Watch the video below to see why this workman with a boring day job is actually a shredding musician in disguise.