Mom brings her newborn home. Captured footage of family dog’s reaction is going viral


A baby was on the way and this family had no idea how their dog would react after meeting the new family member. But, knowing how loving and sweet the dog is, the parents expected for the two to become best of friends.

And once the little one was brought home, the dog’s reaction was truly amazing and it left everyone stunned. Instead of being jealous, it did something beyond adorable for the human sibling.

As the mother placed the baby’s car seat near the Shiba Inu, it carefully looked at the sleeping baby, and that’s when the mother asked herself whether it will try to nip it or maybe start barking, but none of this happened.

It actually sniffed it and started rocking the seat with its tiny paw.

The mother felt relieved because of the instant connection between her loving children. They often joke how they will save a bunch of money on babysitters, because they already have the best one at home.
The dog simply fell for the tiny human, and that was love at first sight.

Although they might be stubborn at times, the Shiba Inu’s are generally curious puppies that can easily make you laugh because of their unique antics.
Experts say that this breed is one of the greatest watchdogs because of their sharp memory. They can alert the owner is they notice things are out of place. They are great learners who have the ability of memorizing commands very quickly.

What is most important is that they’re incredibly loyal and will protect their family no matter what.

“The Shiba Inu is a good family dog – he is loyal and devoted – and does well with children as long as he is properly socialized and trained, and the children treat him kindly and respectfully.”

Another thing families who have Shibas in their life should know is to always have the dogs engaged in different activities so that they could expel excess energy. This can avoid any potentially dangerous accidents.

The Shiba Inu is glad to have someone she could spend the time taking care of. In a few years time when the baby is a bit grown up, there is no doubt these two will be best friends who will spend their days playing and running at the park.

Don’t forget to watch the video below.