Mom Can’t Fit Disabled Toddler In Grocery Cart With Store’s Gesture Taking Her By Surprise


Grocery shopping with kids isn’t always the easiest chore in the world, but for Melody Leach – it was near impossible. However, it’s not because her 2-year-old was a terror that would misbehave. What it really came down to was the stores’ carts. Although most little ones can comfortably fit in the seat of a cart, her daughter couldn’t.

Melody’s toddler Beatrice was born with cerebral palsy. Despite being nearly three, she couldn’t talk, crawl, and even had poor eye sight. The mom would often try and take Beatrice to the King Soopers in Loveland, Colorado – yet she was unable to use the baby section of the cart. This meant that Melody would have to push Beatrice’s wheelchair around the store while carrying a basket, which wasn’t an easy task.

Little did the mom know though that employees had been watching, and decided they wanted to help. The store’s Manager Mike made a call to the higher-ups to see if they could get a hold of a cart designed for individuals with special needs. That was only the beginning though. Not only did they get a “Caroline’s Cart” just for Beatrice, they decided to make it over the top! Watch the KUSA news story below to see the amazing surprise for yourself. It’s a good reminder that there’s still kind people all over this earth!