Tiny Girl Chosen To Sing National Anthem But Crowd Clueless Of Inner Diva She’s About To Unleash


There are some people that don’t mind standing in front of a crowd and having all eyes on them. One such little girl is 7-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja. When the tiny pint sized girl was selected to grace the LA Galaxy soccer team with her presence to sing before a soccer game the little girl was ecstatic. Malea had won a social media contest and because of that she had been selected to sing the national anthem before the game. But little did the packed stadium of 25,000 people realize this little girl was about to give them an unforgettable show.

With her long dark hair, Malea takes center field clutching a microphone in her tiny hand. She takes a deep breath and is ready to have the crowd’s attention. As all eyes fall on her she takes a breath before she confidently begins to sing the national anthem. The home soccer team stands closeby and they can’t help but smile as the tiny cutie belts her heart out and the stadium hears her voice consume the stage.

But Malea isn’t just a tiny voice. Just when the crowd thinks they’ve heard everything little Malea has to show, the tiny girl proves them all wrong bursting with a vocal ability the crowd can hardly believe. With all the attitude she can muster she unleashes her diva side while singing, giving the crowd a performance they will never forget. In animated fashion Malea lifts her hand to the sky as she projects her strong voice out to the crowd. It’s an adorable sight to see and it’s no wonder she has won over so many hearts with her enthusiasm while singing. Her favorite singer is Christina Aguilera and it’s easy to see who she emulates while singing. Watch her for yourself in the video below.