Man With Down Syndrome Approaches Brother On Guard When Sudden Reaction Sends Him Running


Sam had been not-so-patiently waiting and waiting to visit his younger brother at work. Finally, the day had come. But this wasn’t any ol’ on-the-job tour.

Younger brother Jack is a member of the Queen’s Guard and he protects the royal family at Windsor Castle. It’s an honor for those in the Royal Army and Sam was so excited to see his brother stand proudly in his uniform.

Due to the fact that Sam has Down syndrome, and Sgt. Baggot-Moore and Lt. Bragger gently briefed him as to what he could and could not do with his baby brother. Sam excitedly told the officers that this was the first time he would see Jack in action.

The three walked up to a soldier dressed in full winter uniform, which includes a long gray coat and the big fur hat. It’s Jack! He acknowledged Sam’s arrival with a quick “come to attention” stomp and maneuver, which brought a huge grin to Sam’s face.

He was allowed to quickly sprint over to where Jack was standing for a fast photo. This was the moment he had been waiting for!

According to the “Today I Found Out” website, being a member of the Queen’s Guard is serious business. Though, there are certain circumstances in which they are permitted to move and react to people in their vicinity.

Being a member of the Queen’s Guard takes self-control, patience, and dedication.

The expression on Jack’s face remains stone-cold serious even though big brother is a mere inches away. A sentry like Jack will be on duty for a two-hour period and every 10 minutes, he performs a series of maneuvers.

When Jack stomped his foot again, Sam jumped and took off running, giggling when he reached the other soldiers. During his private tour behind the scenes of where the guardsmen live, Sam spied someone very important at the end of the hall and could not contain his composure.

How cool that Jack is a member of the British Army and that Sam was able to watch him carry out official duties!
Take a peek at this heartwarming sibling moment for yourself below!