4 Teens Play Impromptu Classical Concert. Their Audience Sits Around Chewing Grass.


I’ve always heard about singing to your plants, and how good it is for them. When you sing with love, they grow tall and happy. When you curse at them, they turn frail and die. I had a friend who did this for his outdoor plants, every day, and they grew sky high. Happy, strong, healthy and blossomed for weeks. Don’t believe me? Even maize seedlings have been shown to turn in different directions based on exposure to specific frequencies. It appears to me that all living things are sensitive to sound.

So have you ever heard of playing classical music for farm animals? Makes sense that they would enjoy it but I’ve never heard of it or seen it until now – and it’s downright adorable.

A group of musical teens from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, packed up their instruments – a guitar, a violin, an oboe – and hit up a local cow farm. “We’re gonna try to play for some animals, make them happy,” says one of the teens. “I’ve never done this before. I play for my dog; she loves it.” I think that’s a pretty good indication of what’s to come!

They all set up their stands, and take out their sheet music. Their instruments are tuned and ready to go. The first teen takes out her violin and starts to play simple chords, when all of a sudden, the first cow makes her move. She edges closer to the pretty sounds she hears, and one of the teens says, “She’s one of the shyer ones,” as she trots over with her ears perking up.

The violinist delves a little deeper into song, playing something a little more structured, and the cow is right up to the fence, lifting her head looking longingly towards the music! Not only does she hear the music – that’s a given – but it seems like she sincerely appreciates and enjoys it!

A fun little sprightly ditty is played on the oboe, and as if on cue, another cow shows up! And another! Then the teens join forces, their instruments playing together in a beautiful song and the cows are loving it – baby cow too! It’s an adorable little cow concert, and so lovely to see how much they enjoy classical music – it’s good for humans, plants and animals too!