These Sisters Are Considered The ‘Most Beautiful Twins In The World’


When Jaqi Clements and her husband welcomed two sweet baby girls into the world on July 7, 2010, they had no idea that life would be so chaotic. Sure, they expected double the diapers, late nights and spit-ups with the twins – but they had no way of knowing that the girls’ looks would cause such a fuss.

Now images of the girls are going viral, and once you see their faces for yourself, you’ll understand why…

Ava Marie and Leah Rose were born four and half weeks early in 2010. Jaqi explained on her blog that the girls’ early arrival was just the start of their strong personalities.

“Knowing their personalities now it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything.”
As the months rolled on and the girls continued to grow, people started to notice how stunning they were. Listening to their comments and sensing her daughters’ beauty, Jaqi looked into signing the girls up with an agent and getting them into modeling when they were six months old.

However, things didn’t pan out quite like she imagined and she pulled the girl from modeling shortly after getting started. She never imagined that a few Instagram posts would turn things around quite like they did…

With a son and two young girls at home, life at the Clements’ house went on just as busy as ever after the modeling fell by the wayside. The girls continued to blossom and the comments about their looks persisted.

Jaqi explained that people would stop them everywhere and inquire about Ava and Leah.

“For as long as I can remember strangers would approach me when we were out asking first if they were twins… Their follow-up would always be, ‘Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling.'”

After the initial modeling search went sour, Jaqi was nervous about getting her girls back into the industry. But as soon as the girls turned seven, things changed.