Grumpy Old Man On A Mission To Save Christmas Gets A Big Surprise


Everybody has that one neighbor who just looks out the window looking annoyed at everyone and everything that crosses their path. And though we think we know what is going on in their head this is a reminder that we could be wrong.

And this adorable Christmas ad for Farmers is the sweetest reminder to not judge a book by its cover.

First you see this gruff old man looks out of his window taking in everything that is happening on his block. He looks annoyed by just about everything. But his heart is solid gold. When he saw one neighbor fussing at her son after he broke her coffee maker, this ‘grumpy’ old man went and bought her a new one.

But he didn’t want her to know so instead he made it look like he was just throwing it away. And that one secret good deed was just the tip of the iceberg. When he saw another neighbor with a crying baby because of the heat he got a fan, took it to his shed and made it look like it had been sitting for forever. He thought he was being sly and no one would know all the kindness he had shared. But the little boy next door had this ‘grumpy’ neighbor’s number.

So when Christmas came this little boy had a surprise for the block’s secret santa. This precious ad is such an important reminder that the holiday season is about giving out of love, even if no one knows. How sweet is this?