Sweet Little Bird Runs To Eat With Two Puppy Siblings


Dinnertime isn’t just for the humans and dogs – it’s also time for the family bird to get a little snack. As soon as Mom sets down their dinner bowls, the two family Daschounds run right over, but then a little glimmer of yellow flashes in the background. It’s the bird and he’s ready for dinner, too! Thank goodness Mom thought to record this silly dinner ritual and share it online for the world to see…

While having a bird and dogs in such close quarters seems easy, VetStreet explains that it’s actually a careful balance and lot of work. The site goes further to explain that dogs are animals with a strong prey drive and having a small bird so close to their food bowl can cause an accident. Fortunately, these three family pets have been together for so long that dinners together are completely normal! They all get along because of the perfect way their human parents introduced them. It’s clear they took their time and introduced their bird to their two sweet Daschounds on their terms. The site says that it’s best to introduce two species slowly, over an extended period of time. It’s also important to make sure the small of the species protected from a the larger while they’re still getting acquainted.

The moment the pups start eating, their feathered sibling runs right between them and starts munching on his own food. This little bird knows that he fits right in with this family and that won’t ever change! Take a peek at this heartwarming mealtime ritual by pressing “play” on the video below.