9-Year-Old’s Confident Voice Has The Judges Begging Her To Choose Them


It’s not only utterly adorable but also awesome, that kids are courageous enough to get on a big stage on TV to audition in front of three or four serious judges. 9-year-old Molly is no different. The video down below begins with Molly standing on “The Voice Kids Australia” stage, and we can only imagine how badly the nerves were taking over her small body. But, as she sways on stage, she waits for her cue, and then she starts to sing.

Her choice of song is “Am I Not Pretty Enough?” by Kasey Chambers, and the moment she sings the first line you can tell that she’s got the judges wrapped around her little finger. She opens her mouth and the judges are in awe as the audience claps. Less than 50 seconds later, judge Mel B, yells, “I’m doing it!” She presses her button to turn around for Molly.

Then, The Madden Brothers finally realize how adorable Molly is, and they hit their button, too. Backstage, Molly’s mother looks at the TV in disbelief and says, “That’s phenomenal.” Molly’s brother stares with a huge smile, too.

By the end of the song, two out of the three judges have turned their chairs. Molly smiles at them all and shares her name and age shyly. The Madden Brothers ask her why she wanted to go on “The Voice” and her response is, “I wanted to come on ‘The Voice’ because I love singing, it’s my favorite thing to do, and my whole family sings,” to which her family backstage laughs.

She also shares that she picked “Am I Not Pretty Enough?” because her favorite artist is Kasey. Finally, the part comes where the contestant has to pick her team. Mel B’s argument is that she was the first to turn around and even says that because they’re both girls, they’d be a great team together.