Sisters In White Stun The Crowd With Their Haunting Duet


Superstar singer Mariah Carey made “I Can’t Live Without You” a hit song in 1993, but it’s two sisters from the Ukraine that have also blown people away with their version. Victoria Petryk and her little sister Anastasia have incredibly powerful, stunning voices – especially for girls so young. That’s why this particular song is perfect for them to perform. In the video below, Victoria is 16 and Anastasia is just 11. But their surprisingly mature sound has shocked people around the world. Not only do they look alike, their voices are quite similar, too.

For their concert performance as part of Mikhail Voronin’s memory dinner, the sisters sing Mariah’s heart-wrenching love song. They walk out wearing similar flowing, pristine white dresses – their gorgeous, wavy blonde hair styled the same. Victoria begins singing the first verse, “No I can’t forget this evening or your face as you were leaving, but I guess that’s just the way the story goes. You always smile, but in your eyes your sorrow shows.” Her little sister adorably mouths the words while Victoria sings, then it’s Anastasia’s turn to belt out the lyrics. Big sister steps behind her, placing her hand on her shoulder in a show of support and solidarity.

They slowly swap singing parts back and forth, and when the chorus begins, their voices blend beautifully. The duo harmonizes incredibly for part of the chorus, then they merge their voices into one strong sound. They clasp hands throughout most of their performance, demonstrating that they aren’t just singers, but true sisters. As little girls, they took the stage at a very young age, winning numerous awards as they grew up and it’s no wonder why when you hear them. Listen to their spectacular performance in the video below. You will not believe how angelic they sound!