Sweet Toddlers Have Their Very First Phone Call Together


These little ones named Mahri and Judah are itching to go to the park with each other and decided to make it happen. Instead of the parents arranging their play date, they jump on the phone all by themselves and try to work out the details. Their parents watch eagerly as they discuss the time to meet, where to link up and exactly what the gameplan is! Thankfully, both Mahri and Judah’s parents are filming their entire conversation. Oh, to be a kid again!

Even though many of us struggle to use our own phones and any type of new technology, a shocking study came out that explained the connection children nowadays have with their cellphones and iPads. According to a survey completed by Common Sense Media and reported by The Daily Mail UK, 29 percent of toddlers use tech gadgets frequently and more than 70 percent have completely mastered the technology by the time they’re in elementary school.

This comfort with technology could explain why these adorable little ones are so relaxed as they’re chatting away on the phone. After they figure out that they want to go to the park, it’s time to decide how they’ll get there. Should they meet at Judah’s house, at the “Big Park,” or at Mahri’s place? Their parents watched in amazement as their talkative toddlers planned out their exciting day at the park. Take a peek at their adorable conversation for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below! This wasn’t scripted or rehearsed, they really just wanted to play!