Dad Goes Outside To Whistle When Suddenly Flock Of Brightly Coloured Birds Fly In To Visit


Australia is home to many, many different animals that other parts of the world aren’t used to seeing. What might be a commonplace encounter for an Australian might be considered flat-out bonkers for anyone else, anywhere else! They’ve got creatures that only exist in the land down under, the kangaroo being one of the first ones that come to mind, but there are many more. And, there are dangerous ones too! There’s a whole variety of deadly snakes and spiders that the rest of the world doesn’t know much about.

But today, we’re going to stick to the more lighthearted side of nature in Australia. A very cool side showing the perks of living in the Australian outback. And let me tell you, this is beyond neat!

The video introduces dad Gordon McCullough and his two little girls who live near the eastern mountain range in Australia. Their house is in the outback, and their outdoor balcony opens up to nothing but nature and the sky! Each member of the family has a bowl of bird food as they make their way outdoors. Dad starts to make short little whistling sounds as the girls circle him, eager to see what happens. Gordon can see a few birds off in the distance as his calls are answered with faint caws. Immediately, a few king parrots fly into view and land on dad!