Dad Records Son with Down Syndrome Belting Whitney Houston, Has No Idea The Internet Will React Like THIS


If you haven’t listened to Whitney Houston’s hit, “I Have Nothing,” then you’ve missed a lot. This little boy will show you just how much this song can move people. But it’s not about the song. It’s about a cute little young man belting out the lyrics to one of the most beautiful and emotional tunes in history. Don’t miss!

The video was posted by the Miller family after little Dane Miller decided to take it upon himself to sing along to the nice song while riding in the backseat of the family car. Dane has Down’s Syndrome, but that didn’t stop him from gaining over 21 million views on his video within a week of its posting on YouTube. He’s just perfect!

The Miller family has now started a fully-fledged YouTube channel dedicated to Dave’s talents. They named it “Amazing Dave,” and it’s just awesome! Watch the captivating video here and feel yourself fall in love with this cute little guy. If you fall for it as hard as we all did over here, don’t leave without using that SHARE button. Your buddies need this too!