5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Latest Performance


Let me take you back to your childhood by asking you this one question: What were you doing at the age of five? If I were to answer that question, it would be that I had just started school and karate lessons. I was learning how to tie my laces properly and moving up from velcro shoes to lace-ups. I was figuring out what my new afterschool show would be, and what I wanted for lunch the next day. Life was simple for me.

Perhaps I can’t say the same about the little boy in the video below. Meet five-year-old Evan Le, he is a piano genius. His birthday is May 31, 2011, and he was born in Torrance, CA. He had his first ever piano lesson when he was three-years-old, but I don’t know if he knew he was going to be a prodigy one day.

In the clip we’re sharing, Evan is rehearsing for his recital and playing Chopin’s “Minute Waltz.” This version is just perfect, it almost sounds like the music maestro is playing it himself.

After watching the clip, one might think that Evan is nervous or reluctant to start playing — he sits in front of the piano, for several moments, in silence. He doesn’t start playing until a little bit later into the video, but I don’t think he was nervous — judging by the way he played the number, his nerves were at bay, that’s for sure!

I think what he was really doing in that moment of silence before he began, was getting into his element. He was getting a feel for his atmosphere, bringing on a certain energy right before he begins to channel his inner Chopin. Then, before he was ready to start, he takes his hand and slides it over the keys and jumps right into one of the best versions of “Minute Waltz” that I’ve ever heard.