How To Preserve Beautiful Leaves From Your Garden With Leaf Casting


Here’s a fantastic project for preserving your favorite leaves and foliage from your garden by creating beautiful concrete casts of them.

To make a successful cast of a leaf you should pick a leaf with good vein definition and that hasn’t got too many imperfections. Annette picks a large elephant ear leaf for her replica and then goes through the steps for making a beautiful concrete sculpture from the leaf.

Once covered in the concrete, the leaf needs to set for around 2 days to dry and cure before you remove it from the concrete mold. What’s great is you can introduce color into the concrete too.

Depending on the size of the finished leaf, you could use it to decorate a wall, as a centrepiece for a table, or accent for any room.

I can also see these being awesome handcrafted gifts for the avid gardeners in your circle of friends. Please share this crafty tip with your friends!