Bulldog Catches Another Pooch Laying In His Bed With Response Leaving The Internet In Stitches


After a long day there’s nothing greater than laying in your own bed. So can you imagine how frustrated you might be if you were to discover that it had been taken over? Although this might not be too common of a problem – the bulldog in the video below sure knows what it feels like. It’s very understandable that he’s not very happy about it either!

If you grew up with siblings you know you don’t always get along. Well, the same thing can happen in the pet world. When the bulldog sees two of his “siblings” cuddled up in his warm and fluffy dog bed, he decides to throw a funny little tantrum about it. As the little one tries to sleep, he sets his focus on the pointy-eared dog. He begins adorably grunting at the bed thief showing his unhappiness. He tries over and over, but pretty much just gets ignored!

The bulldog starts pacing around when his comical grunts aren’t getting him his bed back. Eventually the pointy-eared pooch even turns its back to him, in a good old-fashioned “I’m not listening to you” type of way! However, everyone has a breaking point and the bed “stealer” finally decides to get up and leave. It’s one point for the bulldog that’s for sure! Watch this priceless scene for yourself in the video below, which may remind you of what it’s like to grow up with siblings too.