Family Had No Idea Their Old Dog Was A Hero – Until They Read The Note On His Collar


When Louie the sheepdog didn’t return home at dinner time, his family began to worry something had happened to him. But when he staggered home with a note around his neck they learned the truth – he was a hero.

Louie lives in New Zealand with Marolyn Driver’s parents. Attached to Louie’s collar was a note that indicated the 12-year-old dog had been on a rescue mission. Marolyn described Louie’s adventure on Facebook:

“What’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks? I’d just arrived in Alexandra today to visit my parents when I noticed Louie, the family’s arthritic old farm-dog, limping up the driveway. He was sore, puffing, and collapsed near the doorway in total exhaustion. Concerned we rushed out to see if he was okay.”

“That’s when mum noticed that there was a piece of cardboard with a handwritten note in pencil attached to his collar… ‘Louie’s the hero of the day. He lead me to Maddy [the neighbour’s dog] in distress, stuck under a branch pile. Cheers Rob.’ Well fancy that, our old fella might give Lassie a run for her money yet!”

Rob is a neighbor, a farmer who lives about a mile away. His dog Maddy and Louie are best friends and love to play together. When Rob came home from a shopping trip he found Louie at his home and begging him to follow him.

He followed Louie only to find his dog Maddy trapped under the brush pile. Louie even helped dig Maddy out of her predicament.

Louie’s mom, Francie Diver says “Maddy comes over every day about 4:30pm to collect him and they head off down the driveway into the distance. On Saturday, he went missing. About 6pm he arrived home so exhausted and had a tag attached to his collar. I thought, ‘where has he been? What has he done?’ I immediately thought the worst.”

Even though Louie is full of arthritis and has great difficulty walking, he went above and beyond to help save his friend. But his heroics took its toll on him and he was extremely exhausted.

But when Rob and Maddy came by for a visit the following day, Louie perked up at seeing his “girlfriend” and is now doing fine.

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