Wild Stallion Rescues A Drowning Colt


There wasn’t much time before the current would sweep the young colt away, but the stallion knew exactly what to do. It started out as playful fun. Two colts from a new family of wild horses relaxed by a river, meanwhile a different family of stallions watched from the other side of the water. Champ, one of the beautiful stallions took immediate notice of this new family. Interested by each of them, he and a few other horses began crossing the river for a closer look. That’s when the colt dashes out into the water and unknowingly risked her life while doing so.

The current became stronger the more she swam, and the water began pulling her deeper. Her head went below the surface, and she struggled to make it to the top. Beginning to drown, she was in a total panic and couldn’t get to the top. With compassion, Champ raced towards her, pulling her head up from the water, and allowing her to rest on him. Even though he didn’t know this colt or her family, he felt responsible and took it upon himself to save her.