Sneaky Toddler Climbs Over Two Baby Gates To Avoid Bedtime


After weeks of restless nights due to their pint-sized escape artist, Mom and Dad decided to install two baby gates inside her doorframe. They thought the high blockade would keep their little one in her room and encourage her to stay in bed. Unfortunately, the two gates proved to be more fun than anything else…
If you’ve ever raised a child, then you know that the moment a toddler can walk upright, they start exploring the world above them. That means climbing on chairs, trying to get on top of countertops and pulling themselves up onto precarious surfaces all around the house! The What To Expect website explains that this all has to do with their curiosity and explorative nature. After months on the ground, it’s time for them to check out what all of the fuss is about above their heads. Instead of refusing to let them climb, the site says it’s best to give them safe outlets for their urge to explore. You can buy a children’s step stool, encourage them to play on park jungle gyms and consider purchasing a mini gym for your backyard. All of these outlets will help prevent dangerous accidents and climbing on unstable items.