Rescue Horses Are Brought To Farm Paradise And Celebrate By Throwing A Pool Party


My favorite part of the summer? I’ll give you a couple of hints. It’s outside, and it’s big. It’s usually in a backyard, sometimes in the ground, sometimes above the ground. Other times, it can even be there naturally. I like to spend extra hot and sunny days near it. You know those days, the sticky hot, sunshine-y days and warms evenings – those kinds of days, and make a full production out of it like firing up the barbecue, playing summer music, inviting friends over and blowing up floaties and getting all the pool noodles — oops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag? I think I just gave it away.

Yup, for me, pool lounging and hanging is the best. Sometimes I only ever put a toe in the water and seek shade under a nearby tree, and other times I’m out there starting diving competitions off the board. Either way, a pool is such a wonderful escape during the summer heat, and I think this lot of horses would agree with me!

While they don’t have a pool per se, they’ve got a pond, and they’re treating it like it’s a pool. Shall we say pond party? Whatever you want to call it, there are a bunch of horses merely loving life. And it’s about time they have that opportunity! All these happy horses are rescues and have suffered, previously living a life filled with abuse, abandonment, neglect and some even managed to barely make it past going straight to the slaughterhouse.