Mama Corgi Is Devastated When All 7 Puppies Die At Birth. Then She Takes In Look-Alike Baby.


Birth is a glorious miracle! It truly is. And all mothers, animals or human, feel the same love and excitement when it comes to expecting. The same emotions are felt across the board like anticipation, connectedness, hope, love, and oh so much more! There’s no denying that being an expecting mother comes with a flurry of emotions, even for a dog.

But, when things don’t go according to plan, a whole new set of emotions comes into play. Irma the adorable, sable-colored Corgi went into labor when it suddenly went from exciting to devastating.

The pup was expecting a litter of seven little furry bundles of joy when owner Johanna sensed something was wrong. Irma was immediately rushed to the veterinarian’s office for an emergency c-section when the doctors determined they couldn’t help Irma. All seven of her puppies died.

Irma was brought home absolutely beside herself. She was traumatized and in a state of deep depression and grief. She was ready and willing, completely prepared to be a mother and bring her tiny puppies into this world. Even Johanna’s spirits were downtrodden, but not to the extent of her pup’s. Johanna knew she had to do something to lift Irma out of her funk. She had an idea.