Professional Opera Singer Sings For Penguins, But They Urgently Have Somewhere Else To Be


When you hear beautiful music, you want to run closer and get a better listen. A great song performed by someone who knows how to sing typically draws people in. That’s what a stage and auditorium are for, after all! And when your performance is well received, you can tell. You’ve brought people together to form a crowd and there’s usually applause and cheering. You can tell you’ve got active listeners just by their body language, and more obviously, they tend to stick around rather than disappear.

Now when everyone runs in the opposite direction, you’ve got a problem. Something isn’t right when the audience gets up and flees!

In this side-splitting video, it’s the latter that happens to opera singer Nick Allen who was hired as a performer on an Antarctic cruise line. Even though he’s got long hours, and he’s contractually signed to spend most of his time entertaining guests, he’s got a little bit of free time to roam! And who wouldn’t take that opportunity to see Antarctica, the coldest continent that is still relatively undiscovered? With such little moisture falling from the sky, this barren land, thick with ice, is classified as a desert. The most secluded, freezing cold desert on Earth, no doubt!