Husband Harasses Pregnant Wife And Makes Her Cry, Until These Grannies Take Action


Being pregnant is an emotional experience. Not only are you carrying a life inside of your body, but you’re also conscious of the changes your body makes over the long 9-month process. From swollen ankles to gaining weight, changing clothes and feeling sore, pregnancy is a physical event as much as it is an emotional one. That’s why bystanders during this episode of “What Would You Do” were so shocked when they overheard a husband berating his pregnant wife for her weight. Would they step in and help the woman? Or would they stand idly by?

According to WebMD, a woman who weighs an average amount for her age and height normally gains about 25 to 35 pounds during the course of her pregnancy. That may seem like a lot to others, but for the woman, that weight is to help her baby grow strong before entering the world. This weight gain is something that most women are already aware of and possibly self conscious about, so when men bring up this fact, things can get ugly!