David Bowie Sings Powerful Tribute For Friend John Lennon


The late music legend David Bowie teaches us that no matter how famous you are, you always will have someone to look up to. It was David Bowie’s very own tour, and of all the songs to sing, he chose one very special song with a very pressing reason behind it. Willing to direct everyone’s attention away from himself and to a friend of his, he began sharing a story. He sat himself down on the stage and opened his heart to everyone with not only a story, but a powerful tribute.

It’s amazing to think that two iconic legends such as David Bowie and John Lennon were friends. Each sharing a deep passion for music, they had to have had so much to talk, dream and share about. Their tight-knit bond even lead to them creating one of Bowie’s greatest musical hits ever. Through their friendship, Bowie gained a lasting respect for John Lennon. He was honored to sing a tribute for his friend upon the third anniversary of his passing. The audience sat silent listening to the song that truly fit the moment better than any other song could have.