Puppy Brothers Reunited For The First Time In Four Months


It was love at first sight between Sam and a rescue pup named Bentley. She adopted him on October 18, 2014. But Bentley’s canine brother, Brady, still needed a home.

Months passed, and not only did Brady yearn for a forever family of his own, but he also desperately missed his brother. You see, Bentley and Brady were inseparable as puppies, and they spent their days cuddling, playing, and napping. They were as close as two brothers could be. Still, no one was coming to take Brady home. That’s when Sam’s sister decided to adopt him — and it just so happens that Sam and her sister live together. ? That’s right! After four months of being apart, these two rescue dogs were not only reunited, but they were about to spend the rest of their lives living under the same roof. But first, they had to be reintroduced and reunited.