28-Year-Old Makes Split-Second Decision To Save Sister’s Baby 6 Months Later True Intentions Revealed On National TV


The world first met Marcio Donaldson when he nervously appeared on American Idol’s stage last season, hoping to win over everyone’s hearts. The 28-year-old was elated to make it past the first round, but sadly didn’t go much farther.

So when he tried his luck a second time on the show, he arrived ready with a new song, a life-altering story to share and a different outlook on life. The judges couldn’t believe what had transpired in Marcio’s life since they last saw him.

When Marcio returned to the American Idol stage with new material and a fresh outlook, he sang not just for himself, but his six-month-old nephew whom he considers his son. He has vowed to give him a better life.