Deer Rescue On Frozen Lake By Father And Son Team


We read all the time about the bad things that are happening in the world. People just seem to not care about other people or living things. However, here is a wonderful video that proves that there are still some very good people in the world with generous hearts. It all began with two innocent deers stuck out in the middle of a frozen lake. The odds were that the creatures were not going to reach shore without divine intervention. However, a father and son team in a Hover Craft come to the deer’s rescue just in time.

The fact is that the video shows that the men placed their own lives at risk to rescue the deers. The deers actually seemed to realize that the men meant them no harm. The kind hearted father and son team gently rigged up gear to tie the deers legs and move them across the frozen lake to the waiting shore.

It is very heartwarming to see the deer reunited at the shore line and scurry away in the wilderness. The men actually rescued 3 deer that day. Truly amazing and very rewarding experience was had by all. The video guarantees that you will feel restored faith in the human race. Please SHARE in Facebook.