Little Girl Performs Serious Checkup On Her Patient Pup


Even as a toddler, it’s easy to see what a person’s calling may be. Whether they love to read, write, exercise or help people, a person’s true colors show almost as soon as they can speak!

That’s why Jan Axelrod was blown away when her daughter Brooke grabbed her favorite set of toys and rushed over to the family dog! Thankfully, Mom had the camera rolling the whole time…

Mom watched as Brooke ran over to her “doctor” kit and sprinted to her dog’s side. The patient pup, a love bug named Nala, sat still as Brooke tested her fur and how her heart sounded.

The pup even earned a couple of good rubs in the process! Even though most dogs hate when their ears are touched, Nala sat still like a champ as Brooke inspected her hearing!