Sleepy Baby Elephant Picks One Awful Napping Spot


Sometimes, no matter how hard they try, the runts of the group just can’t keep up with their older siblings and friends.

Little kids try to keep up with their older siblings all the time, just take a look at the kid who fell asleep while “driving” during his big sister’s birthday party!

But it’s not just human kids that have trouble keeping up. We’ve seen a meerkat who tried his hardest to stay awake despite being exhausted, a very sleepy kitty that couldn’t stay awake for his hat fashion show, and even an owl that couldn’t be bothered to wake up, even when a camera came right in front of his face!

A couple tourists to Krueger National Park in South Africa got to witness one little guy fall behind when he couldn’t keep up when they stumbled upon a baby elephant in the road. While I’ll admit I was a little worried about this adorable baby elephant when he first laid down, it soon becomes clear that he just needs a rest from all the walking he has been doing all day.

You gotta give it to mom and sis for all the effort they put in to finally get him up and going again, because this is one stubborn little calf!

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