After I Saw Her Tin Foil Trick, I Cooked The Best Bacon Ever


It’s every meat lover’s favorite breakfast food: bacon! And you’re about to learn a crafty kitchen tip that keeps oven-cooked bacon from getting soggy or greasy, while also making for a much less messy experience.

Courtesy of the amazing folks at America’s Test Kitchen, this video tutorial teaches you how to create a makeshift rack out of a sheet of tin foil. You simply start with one end and fold the tin foil in 1-inch intervals. Remember back in school when we made paper fans? Just like that! It’s so easy, and who doesn’t love a good tin foil trick?

This disposable DIY baking rack makes clean-up easier because the grease drips into the creases. It also ensures crispier bacon because it elevates the bacon above the pan, preventing the strips from becoming soggy in their own grease.

Learn how to make the baking rack by watching the video below. Is this a trick you’d use at home? Let us know, and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!