Helpless Dog Was Tied to Chains for 10 Years. When They Come to Her Rescue, She Can Barely Walk


I don’t know about you, but I totally detest anyone who mistreats an innocent pet. Such people deserve heavy punishment. You only have to take one look at this dog to agree with that. Just look at her!

For a whole 10 years, this dog was chained up in the backyard with no blanket or even enough food to feed on. Her owners were the rogue creatures of the neighborhood. They would even urinate on her. Who does that?!

Over the years, the neighbors tried to alert the local animal welfare agencies and organizations without success. No one showed up to end this dog’s misery – for 10 years. Imagine that!

But her agony wouldn’t last forever. One day, some rescuers showed up. They found her standing all alone and scared in the middle of a stinking muddy space. They took her with them. They shaved her heavy matt and treated all her infections. And then a nice couple fell in love with her!

Alyssa and Mike adopted her and named her Judith. They loved her and petted her. They went out with her and she had so much fun with her new family.