Watch This Weird Cat Sit Like A Polite Human Being


There’s no shortage of videos that have surfaced of cats doing things that are simultaneously bizarre and mesmerizing.

For example, take the cat who prefers — nay, demands— to sit on his owner’s head while she’s reading, looking over her shoulder while she slowly makes her way through the pages of her novel. Or if you find yourself in need of yet another cat absurdity, check out the cat whobefriended both a mouse and dog just to mess with every universal truth you’ve ever known.

Behold, one of the strangest things you’ll ever watch a cat do on film — so strange, in fact, that some genius was wise enough to grab her camera and film it so she could share it with all of us here on the web. This is evidently a regular occurrence, judging by the commentary of the woman off-screen. (Which really makes us wonder — can all cats do this?)

As she begins filming, the cat — who is perched on a ledge in the normal cat fashion — lifts himself up with his forearms and kicks his legs over the side. I repeat: the cat sits like a human being. See this all for yourself below.